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Our office is considered an essential business. We plan to move forward with appointments as usual. Once again, there are procedures in place for non office appointments, whether that be email, fax, etc. We ask that anyone who has been traveling to and from highly populated, and affected areas be forthcoming with our office. Our goal is to better assist our clients, and do our part in helping slow the spread of covid-19. (608) 372-3200

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Tax Day for individuals extended to May 17
Your return may be delayed – see below

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Your tax return will most likely be delayed due to the many ways the coronavirus pandemic upended people’s lives and their tax situation.

These challenges are being felt by the IRS and include dealing with a COVID-19 related backlog of returns from 2019, totalling 1.5 million (as of April 9th). We will contact you if your return is delayed for any other reason. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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